Welcome to the Bigger Slice of Business!!

We are a group of B2B and B2C business owners, entrepreneurs, professional practice owners, and sales professionals who are eager to learn effective and efficient marketing strategies to grow their Bigger Slice of Business!

  • Are you frustrated with your marketing efforts?
  • Feel like you’re the only one in your business that understands
    marketing and tired of feeling alone?
  • Your marketing is just not attracting enough qualified leads?
  • Need new ideas to grow your business?
  • Want to improve your marketing strategy?
  • Would you like to achieve more profitable results
    in your business?

If you answered YES to any of the above
then this is the place to be!

If you’re interested in learning new ways to attract
new customers and clients – join our group!

Our chapter area includes Boston, North & South Shore and Cape Cod. We have a combined membership of over 100 and growing fast!

Our group is dedicated to helping people get their businesses to the next level with proven direct marketing techniques for mail, email and web based strategies.

This is NOT a BNI or Chamber networking event.

It IS a hands on building your business marketing group!

We guarantee that you will leave with at least one business idea, tool or marketing strategy that you can implement immediately…or perhaps you will meet one other cool entrepreneur that you likely would not have crossed paths with otherwise!

Attend a Bigger Slice of Business Meeting
to see if it’s right for you.
It’s FREE and your option to return!!
But We Know You’ll Want To Return!!