Many B2B marketers have learned the hard way that the traditional ways of marketing to customers just do not work when applied to the business arena. Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways to make sure you can both generate more leads and improve the quality of your leads with your B2B site.

One of those ways is to implement clean and clear landing pages for your site. The design of your landing page, microsite or website is vitally important to the success of B2B search marketing. Interestingly, testing shows that a site design that might seem stale, boring and uninteresting from the perspective of a customer actually works quite well for targeting business prospects.

The content of landing pages for a B2B site is also quite different from consumer messaging. Benefit statements, points of differentiation and calls to immediate action need to be presented as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Business buyers have no time for fluff and do not require being entertained in the same way that consumers do.


Everyone is always thinking and talking about their sales funnel, but the shocking statistical truth is that as much as 60 percent of the sales cycle has finished even before a purchaser so much as talks to one of your salespeople.

Why is this?

Because in truth it is not you who is actually doing the selling;
It is your existing customers
Your social presence (if you have one)
Review sites
Your vendors
Your website
Customers who abandoned you and are now working with your rivals.

The pre-funnel sales machine is more important than many busineses whether B2B or B2C realize, and it is perhaps past time for you to begin to think of ways to influence both those conscious and accidental sales efforts.

After all, when you decide to shop for something, do you go straight to the salesperson or do you do a bit of research first? Invariably the answer is the latter, and your own potential customers are no different.


Not Using a Sales Letter

April 18, 2012

The most important piece of a direct-mail package is the sales letter. Not the brochure, not the outer envelope, not even the reply form — the sales letter. A package that is sent with a letter will almost always outperform an ad reprint, brochure, postcard or self-mailer that has been sent without one. This is […]

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B2B Marketing with Facebook

April 11, 2012

Facebook has been a terrific tool for many B2C brands to reach out to customers, but can it be of use in the B2B industry? The answer is a resounding “yes.” A number of B2B firms are already making use of Facebook to build strong relationships with both customers and prospects, and for those who […]

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Find Your Big Idea

March 7, 2012

The legendary David Ogilvie was a pioneer of the advertising industry. One reason for his success and influence was his ability to create what he called “the Big Idea”–a memorable concept that he could wrap an ad around, or base an entire advertising campaign on. Here’s how he developed Big Ideas–and how you can, too: […]

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Most Important Factor in the Success of Direct Mail

February 23, 2012

The most important part of a direct-mail campaign is not the copy, the artwork, the format or even when you mail. The single most crucial factor in the success of a direct-mail campaign is the mailing list. An excellent mailing package that has superior design and scintillating copy could pull more than twice the response […]

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Breaking Free of the Price-Product Link

September 7, 2011

Determining your price where you make a profit that will drive the lifestyle you desire is based on additional factors that determine your pricing.  Here are a few more thoughts from reading the book:  ‘No B.S. Price Strategy’ by Dan Kennedy & Jason Marrs Who is Buying the Product? Take a look at your customer […]

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Pricing your Products or Services Profitably

August 31, 2011

Previously we discussed the first three keys to the formula of setting your Price so you can earn the profit you desire.  these are from the book: “No B.S. Price Strategy” by Dan Kennedy and Jason Mars Let’s get right into the last two keys to the formula but my no means the least important….. Unique […]

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A Customer’s reaction to price is colored by the PROPOSITION attached to the price

August 24, 2011

At the July meeting we discussed the new book “No B.S. Price Strategy” by Dan Kennedy and Jason Mars.  I want to share some of the topics we covered and discussed at the meeting. First, you do not let your customers dictate your price.  You are entitled to making a profit. Let me repeat this […]

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Why the HP TouchPad Failed

August 23, 2011

It wasn’t the technology. It was the lack of market research and planning. Right now the tech companies are all running into each other with tablets.  The consumer is saying “Hold on! Which of these devices will make it.” HP had a chance to really be successful with the TouchPad but the sales department drove […]

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