Stay on a Steady Course to Grow Your Business

August 22, 2011

Just because the economy is volatile doesn’t mean your business will be that way. Work on the following areas of your business now: Craft a new Unique Selling Propostion Work on your sales and marketing message Don’t lower your price Make yourself and your company standout from the competition Try selling in new markets You will […]

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Quick Step Guide to Marketing

April 26, 2011

Take a look at your database of contacts/customers and segment them into one time buyers, repeat buyers, lost, quoted and no sale.  Create a nurturing campaign for each type of contact over a 30-90 day time period. Example: (lost customer): 1. We want to stay in touch with you… 2. Did you know that we […]

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What Business Are You In?

April 12, 2011

Most small business owners would answer that they: sell real estate, are a financial planner, a lawyer or a store owner, etc.  But they are all wrong.  They should be in the business of personal promotion. What business is Martha Stewart in?  How about Donald Trump?  Dave Ramsey?  Even Rev. Rick Warren?  They are in […]

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The Two-Step Social Media Money Magnet Approach Step 2

March 31, 2011

Step Two – turn that potential value into real monetary value.  This is where your social media marketing strategy will be made or broken. Social Media is not built for selling.  So it seems logically you must take your followers to a place that is conducive to sell. Your goal is to get as many […]

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The Two Step Social Media Money Magnet Approach Step 1

March 29, 2011

Step One – Getting more followers is the foundation (that’s why its step #1).  Each social media has its own tricks and tactics to multiplying your following.  But just using it with some common sense can get you started.  So start your Facebook Fanpage, blog more often, use a YouTube channel, and Tweet if you […]

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Turning Ideas into Action

March 15, 2011

Have you ever had the experience of seeing a product appear on a shelf or in a TV commercial, or see a new business open and think:  I thought of that years ago.  In all likelihood, that is probably very common.  I know I have said that myself. Unfortunately, we are so quick to dismiss […]

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Creating Authority

March 1, 2011

The best way to create authority is to niche and sub-niche your products and services.  Wouldn’t you rather go to an attorney that specializes in Elder Care if you had elderly parents?  Don’t you buy “Tylenol” Cold and Flu when you have the flu?  Of course you do.  By niching your product, people automatically think […]

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How To Liberate Your Wealth Magnetism

August 24, 2010

As told by Dan S. Kennedy             Most people’s world view of wealth is as a zero-sum game. A big impediment to attraction of wealth is the idea that the amount of wealth floating around to be attracted is limited. If you believe it’s limited, then you believe that each dollar you get came to […]

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Think ‘Process’ And ‘Relationship’ Not ‘Sales Incident’

August 17, 2010

As told by Dan S. Kennedy             A lot of people never start. Never do anything. Then, of those who do start, few follow through. A lot of business owners, marketers, and sales professionals who start promising valuable relationships with prospects and with customers or clients never follow up to develop them and sustain them. […]

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Pressure-Prosperity Link

August 10, 2010

As told by Dan S. Kennedy In the past couple years, most business owners have had to battle an unfriendly economy, and must now adjust to an evolving “New Economy.” This is harder for some than others, but the path to success is the same for all: not permitting any conditions or circumstances to dictate […]

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