Improving B2B Website Conversions

by Joseph Norcott

Many B2B marketers have learned the hard way that the traditional ways of marketing to customers just do not work when applied to the business arena. Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways to make sure you can both generate more leads and improve the quality of your leads with your B2B site.

One of those ways is to implement clean and clear landing pages for your site. The design of your landing page, microsite or website is vitally important to the success of B2B search marketing. Interestingly, testing shows that a site design that might seem stale, boring and uninteresting from the perspective of a customer actually works quite well for targeting business prospects.

The content of landing pages for a B2B site is also quite different from consumer messaging. Benefit statements, points of differentiation and calls to immediate action need to be presented as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Business buyers have no time for fluff and do not require being entertained in the same way that consumers do.

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