Not Using a Sales Letter

by Joseph Norcott

The most important piece of a direct-mail package is the sales letter. Not the brochure, not the outer envelope, not even the reply form — the sales letter.

A package that is sent with a letter will almost always outperform an ad reprint, brochure, postcard or self-mailer that has been sent without one.

This is for the simple reason that a letter creates the image of personal communication. People believe that a letter is a more “real” form of mail, whereas brochures and the like are often regarded as nothing more than advertising or junk mail.

An old-fashioned sales letter is a solid recommendation for business-to-business marketers, particularly those who are just starting out, and can work wonders in terms of connecting with potential customers.

Then, when you have started making your money, you can consider switching to a more fancy style of packaging.

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