Pre-Funnel Sales Machine is More Valuable

by Joseph Norcott

Everyone is always thinking and talking about their sales funnel, but the shocking statistical truth is that as much as 60 percent of the sales cycle has finished even before a purchaser so much as talks to one of your salespeople.

Why is this?

Because in truth it is not you who is actually doing the selling;
It is your existing customers
Your social presence (if you have one)
Review sites
Your vendors
Your website
Customers who abandoned you and are now working with your rivals.

The pre-funnel sales machine is more important than many busineses whether B2B or B2C realize, and it is perhaps past time for you to begin to think of ways to influence both those conscious and accidental sales efforts.

After all, when you decide to shop for something, do you go straight to the salesperson or do you do a bit of research first? Invariably the answer is the latter, and your own potential customers are no different.

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