Why the HP TouchPad Failed

by Joseph Norcott

It wasn’t the technology.

It was the lack of market research and planning.

Right now the tech companies are all running into each other with tablets.  The consumer is saying “Hold on! Which of these devices will make it.”

HP had a chance to really be successful with the TouchPad but the sales department drove the sales of this great device in to the ground.

HP’s blew it’s chance at a Unique Selling Propostion
When your up against Apple and Android but have a surperior and more stable operating system than the Android they needed to introduce it as a clear “Unique Alternative” to the Andriod.  Examples: Better battery life, fast turn around on webOS updates, no viruses in the apps like on the Android app sites and the backing of one of the largest computer makers in the world HP!

I know you’ll say but what about the apps.  Well there are enough already out there for the webOS that HP should have made it clear to the consumer that they will find apsp they can enjoy using with the TouchPad.

They should of done their market research first and I bet they would of found that if they offered a low price entry level Touchpad and a couple of more advanced models consumers would have warmed up to the device faster.  Just selling them based on increased memory drive space is a big YAWN!!

But instead full steam ahead and sell it at the same price points as the Apple iPad.  So what happened?  Consumers refused to buy the TouchPad and have either bought a proven and popular Apple iPad or are still waiting to see who survives.

This is a good example of doing market research first and then armed with that knowledge it drives the sales.

Have you done your market research lately?

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